In the last year alone, there have been over 5,601 major hail storms impacting crops and properties with hail damage across the US. Hail does not have to be large in size to cause severe damage to a home. A small hail just the size of a dime can destroy crops in a field.  Larger sized hail will not only cause severe hail damage to a building’s envelope, but can also cause injury and even fatalities to livestock and humans. Hail is a type of precipitation that forms in cumulonimbus clouds and falls as frozen rain showers during thunderstorm events in the summer months of the year.

Hail damage can cost homeowners thousands in repairs. The aftermath of a residential hail storm loss can leave homeowners and other property owners with the burden of facing extremely difficult and complex decisions. Issues related to property damage of items such as: roof leaks, building envelopes such as siding, windows, HVAC units and other times building materials become a major concern when dealing with hail claims. Properly identifying and investigation other potential issues such as: repairing a roof become priority over the simple apparent cosmetic damage that an insurance company’s adjuster may just consider. Navigating and understanding the process of a hail damage claim will be overwhelming. The assistance of an experience and qualified public adjuster can prove to be essential to the policyholder.