Sewer Overflows

Broken Pipes

Modern plumbing is made to last for decades. However, that doesn’t mean your home’s pipes are indestructible! Burst, corroded or leaky pipes can occur even if you have a relatively new house. When any of these occur, it’s important to not waste time in getting the issue fixed.
Time is quite literally money, as a leaky pipe can cost you much more down the road if it leads to structural damage. A burst pipe will likely be pretty hard to ignore, but other issues can be less obvious.

Typical Causes of Sewer Backups

• Sanitary line breaks (Typically found in older homes with cast iron pipes)
• Accumulation of grease
• Blockages
• Line defects that allow groundwater or storm water to seep into the system
• Poor sanitary line design solutions
• Intentional act of clogging or vandalism

Sewage backups don’t just create issues for your home. According to the CDC, exposure to damp and moldy environments can cause health problems. Mold exposure reactions can vary from mild to serious. The most common issues are coughing, sneezing, allergies, itching and watery eyes. Raw sewage back-up, or Category 3 water damage, due to old cast iron pipes or stoppages can result in exposure to viruses, bacteria and parasites.