Being a victim of theft can be an incredibly emotional experience. If you find that your property has been stolen or vandalized, contact your local authorities immediately. The majority of theft and vandalism cases are supported through the police reports filed at the time of the incident. It is crucial that authorities are contacted in the event of the incident to support theft and vandalism insurance claims.

The majority of theft cases are covered under your homeowner’s insurance policy. It is up to you, the policyholder, to make sure that the authorities have all the necessary and accurate information pertaining to your theft and/or vandalism claim. Should you later discover further theft or vandalism than what was originally reported, contact the authorities, as well as your insurance provider and inform them immediately of the new findings.

Being prepared for each and every scenario will help you to rest easier throughout your theft/vandalism insurance claim process. In the case that your business is affected by theft and/or vandalism, you as a business owner may also qualify for a business interruption insurance claim.

How Theft Occurs?

One of the biggest issues with theft and vandalism insurance claims is whether or not the individual actually owned the said item in question. Proper inventory of your belongings is always highly recommended. In the instance that this, unfortunately, wasn’t done prior to the theft, other items such as pictures or credit card statements could possibly suffice in proving ownership.