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How to get more recovery money from your commercial Insurance claim.

If your business is affected by any of the below issues, the commercial insurance claims process is usually straightforward. This is done with the help and hard work of public adjusters like Doyle Adjustment Group.

You will want to tell Doyle Adjustment Group about anything that was damaged or share every detail of the complaint made by a customer. Some insurance companies will require you to call to report a claim. and if this is the case, please do so as soon as possible.

When you make a commercial liability claim, your insurer will thoroughly investigate the liability claim. This is done to confirm exactly what happened and why.

Your insurance broker will then look over your insurance policy. This will allow them to see what may and may not be covered. Your insurer may also recommend contractors they have worked with who can help you make any necessary repairs.

Once the commercial insurance claims investigation is complete and your insurance policy has been examined thoroughly, your claims adjuster will give you an estimate. This estimate will be of when you can expect your commercial insurance claim to be paid out. Unfortunately, in most cases, the payout is often inadequate to cover the actual repair and labor costs.

Doyle Adjustment Group will fight for the highest amount of recovery money you need to fix the issues properly. See what others have to say about the services from Doyle Adjustment Group. Don’t delay, call Doyle Adjustment Group today at 610-897-7927 today!

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