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Theft & Vandalism Claims

Theft & Vandalism Public Adjusters: Crime can happen at any given moment. They usually tend to occur at a residence where it is either unoccupied at times throughout the day, or throughout a given time period. For example, someone may have a home in Florida, but leave for three months to an area with a cooler climate during the hot summer season. These are the times in which criminals take advantage of entering an unoccupied home.

You may walk into your home and find that you were robbed and/or vandalized. Having insurance coverage for vandalism and theft is very important if you are frequently not home. These cases require a great amount of attention and professional advice.

Insurance companies will want you to settle for less and may not give you what is needed to cover your loss. Identifying the difference between these two listed perils is what an experienced public adjuster will outline initially in the investigation of a claim. The first thing you must do after you discover your property has been vandalized and/or possessions have been stolen is to call the police. The police will take an initial report that will document the incident which you then present to your insurance company.

Theft & Vandalism Public Adjuster

The next call should be to Doyle Adjustment Group to make sure that if valuables were taken and/or vandalized, the proper documentation can be inspected, then to make sure you are properly compensated for your missing items and/or repair costs for damages.