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Storm Damage Claims

Storm Damage Claim Documentation

Documentation is critical when it comes to storm damage insurance claims in Philadelphia and the surrounding communities. The insurance company is going to want pictures, statements, repair bids, and more. For major claims, the documentation alone can be worse than filing your taxes! Let us handle your insurance claim. We do more than just create an estimate of damages. As Public Insurance Claim Adjusters, we work with the insurance company on your behalf. From answering their phone calls to sending them documentation and receipts, we will deal with them so you don’t have to.

Most Common Claims

The odds of your home suffering a major fire are slim, and unless you leave your home during the winter, frozen pipes are uncommon, and flood damage typically requires a special insurance policy. In other words, a weather damage claim is more common than most other claims. So keeping the cost of weather damage claims down benefits insurance companies. Doyle Adjustment can make sure your claim doesn’t get a low, rubber-stamped estimate.

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When your property is damaged by weather, the insurance company’s adjuster will look at any obvious damage to your home to estimate the loss and provide an amount for your claim. Unfortunately, the insurance company’s adjuster is working for the insurance company and doesn’t necessarily have your best interests in mind. Serving Philadelphia, our loss public adjusters at Doyle Adjustment only serve you. We will use our years of experience to ensure we identify all weather damage to your home, even if it isn’t obvious, to make sure you get a fair amount to pay for your repairs.