How To Clean Up Your House After Poor Plumbing Causes Massive Water Damage.

Water can flood the house in several ways; however, poor plumbing is the most common. Bad plumbing can be a tormenting experience one can ever imagine. A mere burst of pipe or a faucet leak can cause substantial damage to the property. Blistering walls, rotting wood, and marred furniture are widespread consequences homeowners face from water damage. Revamping the entire place is certainly not the prudent way to deal with this issue as it can cause some significant damages that are usually overlooked. If such leaks are not quickly addressed, it ultimately creates an environment suitable for the growth of black mold.

While water damage may pose serious threats to your property, it can be highly challenging and frustrating to clean. So, the following are some quick ways to repair the damages caused by poor plumbing and excessive water leakage;

Find The Source of Water Leakage:

There are mainly three types of water flowing through your house. First, clean water is the type that comes from leaky faucets and pipes and can be fixed easily. The second type is gray water which is associated with toilets and other household appliances like washing machines. The last category is black water which includes sewage and is highly rich in contaminants. Hence it is imperative to locate the source of leakage to take the necessary action against it.

Dry The Moisture:

The biggest danger of plumbing leaks faced by homeowners is the growth of mold and mildew that can occur in less than 24 hours. They not only weaken the integrity of the property but are also extremely detrimental to one’s well-being. So, to avoid this, one should look for all the damp places and start with the drying process.

Contact The Water Damage or Plumbing Services:

Restoration of broken and leaky pipes and cleaning up the damage caused is not a piece of cake. Moreover, certain pipes are not easy to access and are often eroded. So to deal with this unpleasant yet exhausting problem, it is better to get expert water restoration and remodeling services on board.

Remediation of water damage is a highly expensive process not only for homeowners but also for insurance companies. While insurance companies are not liable to pay for plumbing, they are responsible for paying for the damages caused by extensive water leakage. Since insurance companies are not very welcoming to such claims as they can be quite steep, it leaves homeowners in a tight corner.

Dole Adjustment Group are renowned, state-licensed public adjusters, trained and certified to assist homeowners file insurance claims. They have helped people win fair settlements for water damage claims in a short span that were either previously delayed or denied. The company uses modern tools like moisture mapping and thermal imaging technology to inspect the nature and extent of water damage. As a result, it not only expedites the process but also gives precise estimates for fast and accurate settlements.