Public Adjuster: How to Find Help after a Storm

Hurricanes, intense cloud bursts, or strong gushes of wind seriously threaten life, property, and valuable possessions. They may jeopardize your entire house into debris and leave you with nothing but a feeling of helplessness. In such catastrophic situations, people are too emotionally driven to get an insight into the situation. This results in indulging in heaps of financial expenses that are too difficult to manage. Although insurance may cover most of the damages, filing a claim and receiving a reasonable settlement is quite a protracted process.


When To Find Help After A Storm?

A public adjuster is the only solution to all such problems. They are well-trained and certified in dealing with insurance claims and disaster recovery. They work for people’s interests and help them earn a reasonable settlement from the insurance company. Hiring them can save you a lot of stress as these claims can even get delayed or denied.


What To Look For When Hiring A Public Adjuster?

When considering getting a public adjuster, as a policyholder, you must address your expectations in all fairness. Since a public adjuster would handle the claim on your behalf, he must comprise the following characteristics;

  • Ability to examine your claim from every aspect.
  • Profound evaluation of the damaged property.
  • Ability to resolve the claim in the shortest possible time.
  • Maximize the settlement


How To Find A Good Public Adjuster?

Although getting a public adjuster on board can be very helpful, their quality and level of expertise may vary. So, follow these tips to help you find a proficient state-licensed insurance adjuster to recover from the damages that occurred from a storm;

  • Asking for references from public insurance firms might help you find the adjuster you are looking for. It is recommended to shortlist at least three references before finalizing.
  • Once you have finalized the adjuster, you must ensure that he is licensed and legally eligible to practice his profession in your state. Many public insurance departments allow you to verify the licenses online.
  • One should always refrain from making the mistake of signing the contract without completely reading it. As an individual who has experienced extensive loss from the storm, you must show full involvement when filing a claim. Hence, it is better to read every piece of documentation carefully to understand the situation better.
  • Recovering possessions or repairing the damages after a storm is challenging. Several people would approach you during such tough times, claiming to be the public adjuster. As misery for one may bring out employment for another, you must look out for scam artists. Such people often force you to sign contracts and demand an upfront fee which could be a lot.
  • A well-founded and bona fide public insurance adjusting firm would always work systematically. You can confirm this by checking the company’s website. If any insurance adjusting firm claiming to be a legitimate organization does not have a website, then it sure is a red signal you shouldn’t ignore.