4 Causes Of A Kitchen Fire And How To Recover From It

As per a report by the National Fire Protection Association, 49% of home fires mainly occur from cooking. It is one of the scariest experiences you can face because of the great danger. This is why you must understand the causes of kitchen fires.

Knowing the causes and taking precautions can help you avoid stressful situations. You must also understand what to do after experiencing a kitchen fire. So here is everything you need to know about it.

4 Causes Of A Kitchen Fire

Here are the top four causes of a kitchen fire:

1. Leaving The Stove Unattended

This is the most prevalent cause of a kitchen fire because many people in this era like to multitask. So you may leave the stove on high heat unattended to perform other chores. Walking away from the kitchen can be dangerous if the flame increases suddenly.

You may also forget about the food on the stove while performing other chores. This is why you should not leave your kitchen unattended for long. It is also best to check if all stoves are turned off before sleeping. Many home fire incidents occur due to negligence.

2. Frying Items

If you’re frying items with oil, you must take extra precautions to avoid fires. This is because the flame can suddenly increase, and the pan may cause a kitchen fire. In most cases, you can avoid extensive damage by reacting promptly.

A good precaution you can take is to add the food gently to the pan. This will prevent the oil from splattering and adding to the flame. You should also avoid using water when your pan catches fire. This only spreads the flame. Instead, you can cover the pan using a non-glass lid for smothering.

3. Leaving Flammable Items Around The Stove

Your kitchen contains various flammable items that can cause a home fire. These include napkins, paper towels, old packages, cookbooks, and wooden utensils. You must always keep such items away from the stove when cooking something.

Keeping specific items away from your oven top is also advisable due to the high risk of catching fire. Even wearing loose clothing during cooking should be avoided. Such garments can easily catch fire from a rising flame and may harm you significantly.

4. Excessively High Temperature

It is no secret that some people dread cooking items and use high heat to accelerate the process. However, a home fire can occur if the temperature is too high. This is especially true when you use an appliance for making the item.

Preheating your oven and stoves before cooking will reduce the risk of fire. You should never allow the flames to rise above the pan when using a gas stove. Being patient is essential when cooking different dishes safely.

What To Do If You Experience A Kitchen Fire?

If the fire is extensive and you cannot handle it, you must call 911 for immediate help. This will allow you to prevent life-threatening damage to you.

Besides that, you must also contact a disaster recovery company to help you deal with the damage. Such a group will help you replace items and file for the relevant insurance.