Seven Things To Do After A House Fire

A shiver runs down your spine, imagining for a split second that your house is set on fire and slowly turning into ashes. Such catastrophic events are unpredictable but are not evitable. Small house fires are responsible for around 80% of the damages that could be both extensive and minuscule. There are plenty of things in our houses that could serve as potential contributors to creating an uncontrolled fire. Fireplaces, chimneys, electrical appliances, and the rest are some of the leading causes of house fires. So, a fire spreads from place to place, burning up everything in its pathway that is liable to catch fire, eventually becoming difficult to manage. It not only jeopardizes your property and personal belongings but can also become a serious threat to your life.

It is difficult to pass good judgments or develop practical ideas to counter the damage in such grave situations. However, one must take the following actions immediately after a house fire;


1. Contact Your Insurance Company:

One should immediately contact the insurance company and addresses the damages. This should be the first thing on your agenda if you are in a situation as serious as a house fire. It will help start the documentation work concerning the event, and you may begin with the process of filing an insurance claim. Insurance companies typically inquire about the event’s time, date, location, and cause, so make sure you have all the pertinent information to provide.


2. Take Pictures:

It may sound weird to take pictures after your house has turned into chaos; it certainly is the right thing to do. These pictures can act as concrete evidence and may help you easily win a settlement from the insurance company.


3. Retrieve A Copy of the Fire Report:

Filing a fire report in your insurance claim would make your case strong and convincing. One can easily get these reports from a local fire department.


4. Fill Out The Insurance Form Carefully:

Most people either fill inaccurate information in the form or do not attach the complete documents required to initiate the process. It eventually results in their case getting either delayed or denied. Hence, one should be vigilant while filling out the form and must attach all the documents mentioned in the policies. It is because the insurance company will not bear the cost of any damages in case of incomplete documents submitted.


5. Organize Your Possessions:

In case of house fires, homeowners must immediately separate the damaged stuff from the undamaged ones once the situation settles down. Also, enlisting all the damaged items would be much more convenient. The list and photos would be quite helpful in filing the insurance claim and can even expedite the process.


6. Find A Safe Place To Stay:

While the fire damage restoration process is going on, you might want to find a place to stay for that period. Typically the accommodation and food expenses are covered by the insurance company. However, you may ask your agent about the vouchers to provide the hotel you’re staying at for reimbursement.


7. Take Care of Your Pets:

House owners must check their pets immediately after a fire has occurred, as exposure to flames may cause serious health damage.